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Do you still track leave in Excel or on paper?

Efficienza offers a FREE solution

  • No more requests on paper

  • Always and everywhere a clear overview who's got leave

  • Automated minimum occupation per department

  • Keep track of sick notes

  • Have employees declare their overtime

  • All data available always and everywhere


What can Efficienza do for you?

Here you'll find some of the benefits of using Efficienza...

  • Cost savings

    Save time and money with this FREE software.

  • Usefull reporting

    Run reports on remaining days, requests and an overview of all employees.

  • All date centralized

    All the data is backuped on our server. Your data is secure and never shared with anybody.

  • Simple to use

    A user-friendly interface. You can configure the software in minutes!

  • Very flexibel

    Add your own leavetypes, departments, timerosters... the software should work for your company and not the other way around.

  • Mobile version

    Even from your smartphone you can have access to the application.

Simple yet powerfull

Why choose Efficienza?
Efficienza is the answer to leavemanagement of your company: Who's on holiday what week? How many days was an employee sick this year? Who's abusing the leave policy? How much are you loosing each month following up on absences on paper? Efficienza tracks it all!
Efficienza is webbased, this means you don't have to install or download anything. It's better, safer and smarter then traditional software. No technical assistance, no upgrades that need to be run.
We keep listening to our users and their possible improvements/expandsions for Efficianza. Each of them are investigated and programmed if achievable.

Already convinced? Register today!

Efficienza is and will remain free. In a matter of minutes, you'll have configured your account and can then enjoy the benefits of an efficient and complete system.


Our latest news


Export Calendar

You can now export your meetings as .ics and then import then into Outlook or Google Calendar.


Efficienza keeps on growing...

With pride we announce that we hit the number of 750 users!


Extension: Overtime

Setup a category where users can declare hours f.e. Overtime. After approval, these are added to that category.


Extension: Sick notes

Decide what categories need a document to justify leave and keep track of what's still behind.


Efficienza promo video

Click here to watch our promo video. It gives you a general idea why you would choose Efficienza.


Efficienza is expanding...

With pride we announce that the first 250 users are a fact. Now let's go for 500!



From today Efficienza is available in English. Plus the differente date formats have also been programmed.
Now Efficienza can go international.

2015 Jan

Efficienza 1.0

The first official version of our application is ready! All requests and features are ready and complete.
In the same time, a website is launched to highlight the different sides and benefits of the software.


A new idea is born...

Timeline Image

After speaking to a SMB it appears that there's little userfriendly software available to keep track of leave. Bigger companies mostly have a similar application available within one of the larger software packages, but smaller companies mostly have nothing. The requests and needs of a software like this have been noted and the actual development/programming started.

Users testify

  • « We have been searching for a long time for a software to simply register leave, overtime and sickdays. For an SME like ours, and expensive HR software isn't an option. Efficienza seems custom made for us! »

    Crelan Lokeren

  • « Almost to good to be true! A free online tool to quickly and easily manage the leave of your personnel. Multiple spreadsheet with incomplete information now belong to the past... »

    Director ICS

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why free? How is that possible?

A: We indeed offer the software for free. As soon as we have enough users, we'll start the possibility to advertise per province/state within the application.

Q: Who develops and manages the software?

A: The software was programmed by SparkMedia, a Belgium base company. The management and distribution of the software is handled by them.

Q: What happens with the data?

A: All data remains on out server, will not be sold or made available to third parties.

Q: What philosophy does your company have?

A: Everything can always be improved... and the best improvements and ideas come from the users themselves.

Q: Who users Efficienza?

A: The majority of our users are from Belgium, but in the meanwhile other countries are coming on board aswell.